Do you know that some power showers can use up to 25 litres of water per minute?!

More people = More demand for fresh water

Fresh water is a limited resource. As the world population continues to increase, more pressure is being placed on this precious resource. 97% of the water in the world is sea water and therefore not suitable for drinking. Approximately 2% of the water is held in ice. This leaves only 1% of the world’s water available for human consumption.

It might be difficult to understand why we need to conserve water in Ireland, especially as we seem to have so much of it. The average daily water consumption per person in Ireland is one of the highest in Europe at approx. 133 litres. It is vital to conserve and protect the water we have, especially if we want our future generations to have clean, safe drinking water. The cost of providing clean water can be high and the process can be difficult to manage. This was evident when local water supplies in some parts of Ireland became polluted in 2007. With impending water charges there are many ways that we can save money and reduce our water consumption by making small changes to our daily activities in the home and in the garden.