Green Campus

The Green-Campus Programme is an evolution of Green-Schools (known internationally as Eco-Schools) which is a programme developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

The Green-Campus Programme has been in operation in Ireland since 2007. At present twenty Campuses are formally registered on the Programme and nine of these have been awarded the Green Flag. The Programme encourages practical environmental education and the empowerment of campuses to become exemplar in environmental stewardship. Throughout the pilot research and subsequent work with tertiary education providers it was found that the environmental impact of the tertiary education sector is significant, yet rates of campus uptake of traditional environmental management systems are low. Stakeholder driven, bottom up approaches to environmental management as facilitated by Green-Campus has delivered benefits to the environment, campus management, students and learning, and to local and wider communities.

Green Home is one of the programmes promoted by Green Campus and is one of the main tools used by colleges looking to influence behaviour change in student accommodation.

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