The home is one of the largest users of energy of any sector in Ireland. The residential sector accounts for almost a quarter (24%) of the energy used in the country. This is the 2nd highest energy user of all sectors - the transport sector uses the largest amount of energy (42%). However the majority of the energy used for transport is used by private cars (43%).

Energy efficiency within the home is aimed at achieving the required level of comfort at least cost to the householder while minimising damage to the environment. Every time we switch on a light, cook a meal or turn up the thermostat we use energy.

Whilst the use of energy within the home is an essential part of daily life, an excessive amount of energy is wasted or lost within many or our homes dwellings because of:

  • Lack of insulation (including insufficient or poorly installed insulation)
  • Inefficient heating and hot water systems
  • Poor ventilation (e.g. gaps around window / door frames)
  • Poor efficiency of electrical appliances (eg. C or D rated applicances)
  • Leaving items on in stand-by mode instead of turning them off (stand-by mode typically uses around 30% electricity)

Click on the links below, where you will find much information on energy, particularly on energy conservation in the home. Should you require any further information, please contact us.

Energy in Ireland is moving in the right direction though...

  • The contribution of renewables to energy use in Ireland was 9.1% in 2015. This avoided 3.9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and €426 million of fossil fuel imports (SEAI, Energy in Ireland 2016).
  • 21% of Ireland’s electricity demand met from wind in 2015 (SEAI 2016).
  • Between July 27 & Aug 3 2016, wind power provided 54% of Ireland's electricity!