Tidy Towns Groups / Community Groups / Businesses

Businesses and community groups including Tidy Towns groups can also benefit by taking part in the Green Home programme. Over the last 12 years, hundreds of Tidy Towns groups & community groups have joined Green Home. Groups can role out the Green Home programme in their community, in the following way:

  • Encouraging people to check how efficiently they run their home by completing the Green Home Survey.
  • Organising awareness raising campaigns – via social media, information booklets, workshops etc.
  • Encouraging people to complete their Green Home Survey again (no less than 2 months later), it can be clearly seen (for individuals and for the entire group) how behaviour has changed with regards to each theme.

Tidy Towns groups also use Green Home as a resource for the Sustainable Waste and Resource Management category of the Tidy Towns competition, particularly as the programme is formally recognised by the Awards.

Many community groups & Tidy Towns groups also regularly share the tips and advice on our Social Media pages.

For information on running the Green Home programme, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist any business, community group or Tidy Towns group in implementing the Green Home programme and to give ideas on awareness campaigns.

We are always happy to advise any group on ideas for projects and to help with applications/ write ups that involve Green Home.

To register a group or business

1. Contact Green Home Team: Email: rmoss@eeu.antaisce.org or Tel: 01-4002202.

2. The Green Home team will set your group up as a hub on the website.

3. Once your group has been set up as a hub on the website - remember to tell your group members / participants that when they register to complete the Green Home survey, they need to ensure that they choose their group under their county.