Thanks for taking the time.

We have designed a unique Green Home survey for you to complete - to see how efficiently you're living.

What you need to do:

1. Register. You need to provide an email address with a username & password that you will easily remember.

2. Individual participants – choose the individual option on the County drop down menu.

3. Group participants – choose your county, then choose your group from the drop down menu.

4. Complete the full Green Home Survey.

The reason that you need to provide an email address along with a username & password is to enable an individual account to be set for you. Why do you need an account? Let us explain further...

When you complete the full Green Home survey, you will get a baseline score of how sustainably you are running your home – in terms of each theme; waste, water, energy & transport. Most people use this information to change some of their behaviour; many utilise the Green Home Action Plans, tips & advice to do this. The idea is that no less than 2 months after completing the full survey, you log in to take the same survey again – you can then compare the new scores with the baseline scores and see how and where you have improved. Simple!

This is particularly effective for groups – as people can see both individual and group scores. National scores are also shown, so you can see how you fare with all of the other people who have completed the survey. Many Tidy Towns groups use these surveys as an easy comparison tool to see how projects or workshops they have organised have influenced participants’ behaviour change. Note: such work is often undertaken as part of the Sustainable Waste & Resource Management category in the Tidy Towns Competition. Participation in the Green Home programme is formally recognised by the Tidy Towns National Jury. We are always happy to advise any group on ideas for projects and to help with applications/ write ups that involve Green Home.

Groups & Tidy Towns: Please be sure to contact us before undertaking any Green Home project so that we can set up your group name.

How to do this:

1. Contact Green Home Team: Email: or Tel: 01-4002218.

2. The Green Home team will set your group up as a hub on the website.

3. Once your group has been set up as a hub on the website - remember to tell your group members / participants that when they register to complete the Green Home survey, they need to ensure that they choose their group under their county.

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