Energy - Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

  • Reduces fuel bills by up to a fifth. In some cases this can be up to 50% (The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice’s research, 2014).
  • It is easier and cheaper to keep warm and be free from draughts.
  • Reduces risk of ill health.
  • Greater warmth and comfort.
  • Helps avoid condensation, damp and mould.
  • Allows easier control of temperatures to prevent overheating.
  • Increases the Building Energy Rating of your home and therefore the value of your home (see below for information on Building Energy Rating).
  • Helps reduce the use of non-renewable fossil fuels and thereby reduces harmful emissions that effect climate change.

Building Energy Rating

Since January 2007, all homes seeking planning permission require a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate, which is effectively an energy label. In January 2009, this was extended to all houses that are on the sales or rental market. The BER is accompanied by an “Advisory Report” setting out recommendations for cost-effective improvements to the energy performance of the building; however, there is no legal obligation on vendors or prospective purchasers to carry out the recommended improvements.

This rating can influence the sales and rental prices of house, and as a result Irish householders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of an energy efficient home.

Contact the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland for any further details.